{{isCN==='true'?'grado 糯白椅——2024米兰设计周首秀':'grado \"Plump Lounge Chair\" ——Milan Design Week 2024'}}


”糯白椅“是由GOODO设计事务所为grado设计的一款休闲椅,位于Superstudio Group,Via Tortona,27,首次亮相。



Milan Design Week 2024, as the highest profile event in the field of international design, Milan Design Week brings together the world's top designers and outstanding works to witness the visual feast of the design world.

The "Sticky White Chair" is a lounge chair designed by GOODO Design Office for grado, located in Superstudio Group, Via Tortona, 27, and debuted for the first time.

Nowadays, more and more people are paying attention to nature and hope to find more relaxation in nature. The Plump Lounge Chair is inspired by the pebbles on the seashore, with a round, geometric, and natural shape.The designer hopes that this chair can convey a sense of affinity, and that its round shape can shorten the distance between people and the seat. It enriches the product features of the brand, and also effectively conveys the brand's exploration of natural and environmental concepts.

We hope that every piece of furniture from our brand is not just a product, not a single definition of a certain functional level, but a transmission of story-telling and vitality. Each piece has its own story, and users can establish a deeper emotional connection with our designed products. There is interaction between the two sides spiritually, which can create a pleasant life experience for users.