GOODO Design is a diversified comprehensive design agency. Adhering to the concept of sustainable development, with a diversified and international design vision, we continue to break through and innovate designs.

We provide design services of product, space, brand, CG animation and new media communication, covering a wide range of fields, such as furniture, consumer electronics, industrial equipment, medical equipment, beauty and personal care, cultural creativity, and commercial space. The design team is composed of senior product designers, professional brand strategy consulting, and new media communication creative planning teams. It has professional comprehensive creative output capabilities and provides accurate and efficient full-case brand building solutions for related industries and commercial markets.

The team’s constant pursuit is to enable more people to enjoy the pleasant experience with higher-level design. With more than ten years of persistence and outstanding performance in innovation, the design team has won dozens of well-known design awards at home and abroad, including the Red Dot Design Award, the American Interior Design Best of year Award, and the Asian Design Prize. We are determined to use design to promote the progress of the industry, to provide innovative new forms of competitive original brands for the iterative consumer market, and to explore the infinite possibilities of the future.

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GOODO design 谷岛设计事务所









GOODO Design

founder, design director

More than ten years of design and research and development experience, good at the combination design of various materials and processes. He has a focus on furniture strategic planning, product construction system, product research, and space design. He led the design team to cooperate with many domestic and foreign brands in various design projects, and his design works have won many well-known domestic and foreign design awards.

Creatively based on local culture, integrating Eastern and Western aesthetics, designing works with international contemporary colors, and striving to explore the infinite possibilities of contact with design and future life.

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GOODO design 谷岛设计事务所

空间设计 • 设计总监







GOODO design

Space Design • Design Director

Engaging in the industry for nearly two decades, Huang Caijun brings a wealth of experience in space, landscape, and product design. He leads his design team to apply parametric and sustainable design to architectural and space design projects and skillfully balances materials and space. Meanwhile, he integrates narration and emotions into space design and tells the story of each space.

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GOODO design 谷岛设计事务所

软装设计 • 设计总监






活中获取的养分通过产品为媒介,构建出一种理想 的



GOODO design

interior decoration • Design Director

Since 2010, has engaged in the soft outfit design of residences, hotels, and libraries and focuses on aesthetics, art, culture, and function. He adheres to the people-oriented design concept and has unique insights into lifestyles. Concurrently, he extends the boundaries of creation, involving furniture and artworks. Furthermore, he established the brand, Jolin+, in 2015, to provide customers with fabric planning and design services and create an ideal lifestyle, through products, with the inspirations obtained in life.

Design for home and realize dreams.

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