{{isCN==='true'?'“Fetal Monitor 胎儿监护仪”荣获2024 iF DESIGN AWARD':'\"Fetal Monitor\" Wins 2024 iF DESIGN AWARD'}}

GOODO design 为捷美瑞设计的“Fetal Monitor 胎儿监护仪"荣获德国 2024 IF 设计大奖。


Fetal Monitor "by GOODO design office for Shenzhen Jamr Technology Co.wins 2024 iF DESIGN AWARD

Pioneering Fetal Monitor withinnovative Measurement Method,This is the first fetal monitor in the industry that integratespressure sensor technology with Doppler fetal heart ratemeasurement,offering precise measurement of fetalmovements through advanced algorithms and providingaccurate data. Unlike traditional auscultation, this innovativemonitor is unaffected by environmental noise, maternalself-movement,or gastrointestinal peristalsis with theinnovative measuring principle and measuring method.making it easy to use by the pregnant themselves evenwithout any support from accompanying family members.