{{isCN==='true'?'“飘带 休闲椅”荣获 2023 陈设中国·晶麒麟 陈设艺术品奖——优秀奖':'\"Ribbon Armchair\" won the 2023 Art Display China·Crystal Kylin Awards Display Art Award - Excellence Award'}}

第十四届【陈设中国·晶麒麟奖】颁奖盛典于2023年12月4日在北京举办,来自全国各地近400位行业专家、设计师、艺术家、媒体朋友齐聚一堂,共同见证中国陈设的高光时刻。“飘带 休闲椅”荣获 2023 陈设中国·晶麒麟 陈设艺术品优秀奖。





The 14th [Art Display China·Crystal Kylin Awards] Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing on December 4, 2023. Nearly 400 industry experts, designers, artists, and media friends from all over the country gathered together to witness the development of Chinese furnishings. Highlight moment."Ribbon Armchair" won the 2023 Furnishing China·Jingqilin Furnishing Art Award-Excellence Award.

Ribbon Armchair design description:

In recent years, many products with full shapes and round piers have appeared in the mainstream furniture market. They use traditional solid wood frames as internal structures and have low craftsmanship thresholds. Therefore, the leisure chairs sold by many companies have homogeneity problems. We feel that the future home space It should have a relaxed and active atmosphere, and users also hope to buy more differentiated furniture.

The streamer seat has an overall streamlined shape. When the designer conceived this piece, he hoped to outline a leisure chair through a smooth sketch line. Just like a dancing streamer in the Feitian mural forming the shape of a seat in the air, the appearance of the product is light and soft, with smart curves in one go, elegantly presenting the posture of the product while also taking into account a comfortable human-machine experience.

Another design highlight of the seat focuses on the suspended design of the seat surface. The soaring and floating seat surface looks incredible, but it has good mechanical strength. The overall streamlined design of the leisure chair has great technological innovations and breakthroughs in the production and manufacturing of soft furniture in terms of structural mechanics, fabric closing, three-dimensional cutting, and packaging. The "Streamer" leisure chair uses a metal iron frame as the internal support frame, and uses welding and other processes to achieve cantilevered structural strength. A zipper surrounds the product, cleverly solving the technical difficulties encountered in the production process such as fabric closing and bagging. The large arc of suspension is a process barrier, and it can also produce a certain elastic experience, increasing the interaction between the product and the user. Show different product personalities in different usage scenarios. Not only a seat, but also a sculptural work in the space.