{{isCN==='true'?'“沃驰合肥展厅:流态·次空间”荣获 第七届金腾奖——年度商业空间设计大奖':'\"Wushi Hefei Exhibition Hall: Flow State·Secondary Space\" won the 7th JinTeng Award-Annual Commercial Space Design Award'}}

“沃驰合肥展厅:流态·次空间”荣获 第七届金腾奖——年度商业空间设计大奖










"Wushi Hefei Exhibition Hall: Flow State·Secondary Space" won the 7th JinTeng Award-Annual Commercial Space Design Award.

This project is a Wushi Hefei exhibition hall jointly designed by designers Wu Hongbin, Lin Sen, and Hanson Dong. The parameterized design overlays the natural glacier shape and the flow of the secondary space. The sequentially arranged curved acrylic panels make the space rich in light and shadow, and the romantic and smooth indoor atmosphere returns to the basic requirements, conveying the brand's memory points and sense of familiarity.

Water | Glacier

The project commission comes from Wochi, which has been operating high-end bathroom products for 20 years. Its new flagship store in Hefei hopes to break the traditional perception of the public towards bathroom stores. So the design origin returned from the bathroom to the thinking of water. The chaotic water, aggregated into glaciers, is hard and contains energy, with stronger scouring force and tangible natural state.

Concatenation | subspace

The product display, excluding the flow and product scope, has a sub space that cannot be touched by other behaviors. In this case, it is called a sub space. Attempting to connect these sub spaces will form a coherent flow new space, strengthen them to form a mirror relationship with the main display, which is a new attempt in this design.

Parameter | Response

By using parameterized design, the natural glacier morphology and sub spatial flow patterns are superimposed and divided into nearly 2500 modules, which are assembled in one go in space. The form of the subspace has a sculptural wholeness and a mutually empowering response to the display of goods.

Order | Non order

The use of acrylic materials gives the subspace a sense of breathing, with a sense of order arranged horizontally and vertically, achieving non ordered fluidity through curved cutting. During the process of visiting the exhibition hall, there will be changes in light and shadow from different angles, like the water surface. In this way, we can return to brand orientation and endow products with value associations beyond the product itself.