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TINTA金邸奖 空间美学新秀设计师大赛,自2011年创办以来,由台湾漂亮家居设计家媒体发起,以相信设计、是改变世界的力量为信念。 针对40岁(含)以下,亚洲青年新秀室内设计师所设立奖项。 以大赛为媒介,寻找新面孔、介绍新设计、推展新创意,为TINTA金邸奖的使命。 2022年起,将透过长期的设计师服务,与青年设计师展开更深度的联结,也期待新世代的青年设计师,以独特的沟通方式、崭新的设计策略,见微知著、解决问题,提供创新的空间体验。


GOODO design 办公室空间设计 整个空间由2957个零件组成,以Q235B铁板为主材,通过激光切割完成部件的精加工。由设计师亲自完成施工、组装,就像搭建乐高积木一样。

以 “可持续性设计”为核心理念,绿色搭建、循环利用,无粉尘,免油漆,让空间施工更环保,更具可持续性。




TINTA Award:

The TINTA Award, Taiwan Interior New Talent Award, was founded in 2011 by My Home under the belief that design has the power to change the world. It is an award for young interior designers in Asia under the age of 40 years old (inclusive).

TINTA seeks to find new designers, introduce new designs, and promote new creativities through competition. Starting in 2022, the TINTA Award will develop a deeper connection with young designers through long-term service for member designers. Young designers of the new generation will provide innovative space experience through unique communication methods, novel designing strategies, and by solving problems from the beginning.

Design Description:

GOODO design Office's space design consists of 2,957 parts that were laser cut and finished to high quality, with Q235B iron plates as the main material. Designers assembled the office themselves in a LEGO-like manner. Centering on "sustainable design", we practice green construction and recycling. Dust- and paint-free, the office is eco-friendlier and more sustainable.

Specifically, we preserve the building space as much as possible. Space utilization is maximized through the skillful and creative use of the original structure. Parametric and rational design methods were adopted, such as geometric composition, structural mechanics, and parametric operation, to effectively reduce the dependence on traditional decoration materials and labor and ensure that the processing and construction accuracy was more in line with design standards.

For parametric design, comprehensive factors are considered, such as load-bearing beams, story height, and space utilization. The suspended structure is the core design idea, based on the functional requirements of the office. The iron plate and structural beams form a vertical tension force to replace conventional support columns. Metal ribs, 120mm high, are arranged horizontally, and the upper floor can bear a live load of 200kg/m2. Suspended stairs highlight the core sense of form of the space design. The structural design significantly improves space utilization, adds comfort, and creates a sensation of openness for the user. Such a sense of form is not only the need of structural mechanics, but also a part of the spatial form.

Space is alive and continuously grows with the passing of time and the interaction between humans and their environment. We cherish the meaning and value behind design and the new possibilities of future space design. We ponder on the relationship between environmental friendliness and social and humanistic value from a higher dimension and promote sustainable design and commercial development.