{{isCN==='true'?'“甜甜圈”荣获 2023 Furniture Design 设计新品奖——年度新品奖':'\"Donuts\" won the 2023 Furniture Design New Product of the Year award'}}

9月12日,中国家具协会设计工作委员会第三届委员大会在第二十八届中国国际家具展览会期间召开。并有 中国家具协会理事长徐祥楠,中国家具协会副理事长张冰冰,中国家具协会副理事长兼秘书长屠祺,上海博华国际展览有限公司常务副总经理钟蓓红 等众多领导、嘉宾出席大会。

会上举行了“2023 Furniture Design设计新品发布”活动,该活动面向设计工作委员会成员开展,聚焦设计创新、技术创新,通过新品征集及发布,展示最新设计力量,促进行业水平提升。评选过程以不署名、独立打分形式进行,经过初选和复评,根据理念、创新、工艺、市场、影响力维度,评选出8件“入围新品”,最终,3件产品获得“年度新品”称号。

GOODO design 谷岛设计事务所 创始人&设计总监 董合肃(中国家具协会设计工作委员会委员) 为 EXPOCASA 艾宝家具 旗下品牌 NOW & FUTURE 今致 设计的新品“甜甜圈”休闲椅荣获“年度新品”奖。








On September 12th, the third meeting of the Design Committee of China Furniture Association was held during the 28th China International Furniture Fair. Xu Xiangnan, Chairman of China Furniture Association, Zhang Bingbing, Vice Chairman of China Furniture Association, Tu Qi, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of China Furniture Association, Zhong Beihong, Executive Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and many other leaders and guests attended the conference.

At the meeting, the "2023 Furniture Design New Product Release" event was held, which was carried out for the members of the design work committee, focusing on design innovation and technological innovation, and displaying the latest design power and promoting the improvement of the industry level through new product collection and release. After preliminary selection and re-evaluation, 8 "shortlisted new products" were selected according to the dimensions of concept, innovation, process, market and influence, and finally, 3 products won the title of "New Product of the Year".

Dong Hanson, Founder & Design Director of GOODO Design (Member of the Design Committee of China Furniture Association) won the "New Product of the Year" award for the new "Donut" lounge chair designed by NOW & FUTURE, a brand of EXPOCASA.

"Donut" lounge chair design description:

The design of the lounge chair is inspired by a delicacy - doughnuts, which give a sweet taste. The minimalist geometric shape, the slanted cantilevered vision, presents a sculptural feeling in the space.

The lounge chair adopts an integrated foam mold, and the low-density, medium-rebound sponge ratio creates a very soft foam sitting feeling. Using 3D elastic fabric, the very high elasticity feature of the fabric makes the product reduce the seam line as much as possible when cutting three-dimensionally, so that the shape and details are more simple. Even large curved curves will not have fabric folds, while effectively ensuring its softness and comfort.

Special metal connections are used between the soft body part and the chassis, which effectively ensure the support strength. The inclined appearance and the structural design of single point contact give the product more ingenuity.

The design, R&D team repeatedly proofed in mechanical testing, foam foam density debugging, elastic fabric proofing, man-machine, form proportion, three-dimensional cutting and other links, grasped the key points of each link, and finally created furniture works suitable for different spaces.

Judges' Comments:

The work breaks through the morphological characteristics of traditional seating and is shaped into furniture through the designer's whimsy. In the function, material, shape and production process and other elements are deeply and meticulously considered, in the aesthetics and mechanics to achieve a balance, to give people comfortable support, changeable colors so that the product has a stronger spatial adaptability, showing a good comprehensive effect.