{{isCN==='true'?'GOODO 谷岛设计事务所创始人董合肃荣获“第四届新设榜·中国创新设计年度人物”':'Hanson Dong the founder of GOODO design ,won the \"4th Innovation design · China Innovative Design Person of the Year \"'}}




With the theme of "Awakening and Reshaping", the "4th Innovation design festival·Nobel Design Night" was grandly held on December 18, 2022 in Shanghai Zhongcheng Zhigu Creative Park. Gathered with relevant leaders, experts, design masters and entrepreneurs from all over the country to witness the release of the "4th Innovation design · Innovative Design Annual List".

The Innovation design · China's innovative design list, with "innovative design" as the driving force, seeks new strengths in design. Initiated in August 2018, it is guided and supported by the Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Shanghai Design Capital Promotion Center, hosted by the newly established Organizing Committee, academically supported by the School of Design and Innovation of Tongji University, and undertaken by the newly established International Innovation Design Center. Discover and promote home furnishing brand companies, design agencies and designers who have made outstanding contributions in the field of innovative design, and set up five lists respectively: China's innovative design annual works list, character list, organization list, brand list, and product list.

This year, the innovation design ceremony was set up, and the China Innovation Design Forum was held at the same time. The heavyweight guests traveled through time and space to carry out a design dialogue with the future. Based on the present, plan for the future, keenly capture the trends of the design industry, take the initiative to meet challenges, not be bound by age, and reward everyone who is trying to reshape.