{{isCN==='true'?'GOODO | ELLE美妆之星 2022年NFT全新视觉动画形象及线下特别展':'GOODO | ELLE Beauty Star 2022 NFT new visual animation image and offline special exhibition'}}

GOODO design 谷岛设计事务所采用NFT的形式为2022年ELLE美妆之星推出全新视觉动画形象,并为其设计了线下特别展。


GOODO design In the form of NFT ELLE Beauty Star 2022 launched a new visual animation image and designed an offline special exhibition for it.As the first professional beauty award in China, "ELLE Beauty Star" officially entered its 13th year. In the past 13 years, it has witnessed the birth of "explosive models", and also recorded the eternity of classics, allowing you to discover the brilliant treasures of the beauty world. Awards include: the Professional Jury Award, which defines the profession from a professional perspective; Beauty New Power Award, creation brings infinite vitality to beauty; Internet popularity award, the king of topics from the online world; Art Collection Award, the beauty of art gives new things. Taking the dream starry sky as the starting point, showing the fusion and bloom of life forms with a growth posture, injecting beauty and future stardust into the 2022 ELLE Beauty Star, turning the fleeting trend into art, crossing time and space, and using the power of future stardust to stimulate our yearning for beauty again.