{{isCN==='true'?'GOODO design 荣获2022第二届「设计中国」展设计作品 · 银奖':'GOODO design won the Silver Award for Design Works in the 2nd \"Design China\" Exhibition in 2022.'}}

2022第二届「设计中国」展近期公布了2022年获奖名单,GOODO design 设计的《Bubble Chair泡泡椅》,从众多项目中脱颖而出。荣获2022第二届「设计中国」展设计作品 · 银奖。Bubble Chair 泡泡椅产品运用简单的几何造型,完美的符合人机工程学、设计美学、制造美学、环保理念及商业定位的休闲椅。两个看似相切的球冠,通过一个特殊的平面轴承相连,宛如两个泡泡自然碰撞在一起。特殊的轴承设计可有效的避开皮革之间相互摩擦,且可形成360°的坐感体验。球状的外观看起来非常几何、简洁。椅子坐面饱满、柔软的圆弧造型其表面使用近似羊毛般松软的面料,提供了舒适、轻松的人机体验。简洁的几何造型外观,不管放在何种空间,都可以形成一种雕塑感。产品内部结构采用金属材料进行制作,结构强度可质保十年以上。两个球体通过一个五金轴承进行相连,可以实现产品360°的旋转。软体部分采用海绵发泡工艺,使形态更准确,舒适度更可控。产品使用耐磨、耐老化、环保性的超纤、布料来作为面料,并且采用立体打版、裁剪技术,从而大大提高了材料的利用率。当下人们的生活空间相对比较紧凑,产品体量小巧不论是民用空间或者商用空间皆可适用。在人们一天的奔波忙碌后回到家中,就可以享受泡泡椅带来的舒适坐感,产品的旋转功能更让使用者在放松的同时享受到趣味,消除一天的疲惫。

The second "Design China" exhibition in 2022 recently announced the list of winners in 2022. The "Bubble Chair" designed by GOODO design stood out from many projects. Won the Silver Award for Design Works at the 2nd "Design China" Exhibition in 2022. Bubble Chair products use simple geometric shapes to perfectly conform to ergonomics, design aesthetics, manufacturing aesthetics, environmental protection concepts and commercial positioning of leisure chairs. Two seemingly tangent spherical caps are connected by a special plane bearing, like two bubbles colliding naturally. The special bearing design can effectively avoid the friction between leathers, and can form a 360° sitting experience. The spherical appearance looks very geometric and simple. The full and soft arc shape of the seat surface of the chair is made of wool-like soft fabric, which provides a comfortable and relaxing human-machine experience. The simple geometric appearance can form a sculptural feeling no matter what space it is placed in. The internal structure of the product is made of metal materials, and the structural strength can be guaranteed for more than ten years. The two spheres are connected by a hardware bearing, which can realize 360° rotation of the product. The soft part adopts the sponge foaming process to make the shape more accurate and the comfort more controllable. The product uses wear-resistant, anti-aging, and environmentally friendly microfiber and fabric as the fabric, and adopts three-dimensional pattern-making and cutting technology, which greatly improves the utilization rate of materials. Nowadays, people's living space is relatively compact, and the small size of the product can be applied to both civil space or commercial space. When people come home after a busy day, they can enjoy the comfortable sitting feeling brought by the bubble chair. The rotating function of the product allows users to relax while enjoying fun and eliminate the fatigue of the day.