{{isCN==='true'?'COMO FLora 沙发动画影片——荣获2022年意大利A\'Design Award 设计大奖':'COMO FLora sofa animation film - won the 2022 Italian A\'Design Award design award'}}

意大利 A'Design Award 设计大奖近期公布了2021-2022年获奖名单,GOODO design 为COMO 上海科默家具 设计的《Flora sofa》动画影片,从全球众多项目中脱颖而出。斩获电影、视频和动画类别的设计大奖(A'DESIGN AWARD IRON WINNER)。本年度该类别全球共计8件作品获奖,这也是 GOODO 谷岛设计团队首次以动画影片作品参赛而获得的奖项。谷岛设计团队从家具产品设计到动画设计,以全方位的视角诠释产品、品牌理念。采用CG动画特效,制作高传播性的品牌影片,助力品牌升级。Flora沙发,设计灵感来自花朵的绽放瞬间,靠背与扶手的软垫可灵活反转,且可向外围扩展,提升了产品人机比例的灵活性,带来令人愉悦的舒适坐感。Flora具备多样化的环境适配性,是城市公寓与小型公共空间的理想之选。影片传递了产品的设计元素、功能特点、工艺方式与生活美学的价值。通过对设计元素的艺术化解读与数字艺术的呈现,将产品的功能与形式美学生动再现,透过整个影片,用户可以感知到产品的设计理念与材料工艺之美。

The Italian A'Design Award recently announced the 2021-2022 winners list. The animation film "Flora sofa" designed by GOODO design for COMO Shanghai Comer Furniture stood out from many projects around the world. Won the A'DESIGN AWARD IRON WINNER in the Film, Video and Animation category. This year, a total of 8 works in this category won awards from all over the world. This is also the first time that the design team of GOODO Yajima has won the award with an animation film entry. From furniture product design to animation design, Gudao design team interprets product and brand concepts from a comprehensive perspective. Use CG animation special effects to produce highly disseminated brand videos to help brand upgrades. The Flora sofa is inspired by the moment when flowers bloom. The cushions of the backrest and armrest can be flexibly reversed and extended to the periphery, which improves the flexibility of the human-machine ratio of the product and brings a pleasant and comfortable sitting feeling. Flora has a variety of environmental adaptability and is ideal for urban apartments and small public spaces. The film conveys the value of product design elements, functional characteristics, craftsmanship and life aesthetics. Through the artistic interpretation of design elements and the presentation of digital art, the function and formal aesthetics of the product are vividly reproduced. Through the entire film, users can perceive the design concept of the product and the beauty of material craftsmanship.