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第15届美国国际设计大奖IDA(International Design Awards )近日公布获奖名单,GOODO design凭借《GOODO谷岛设计办公室》设计作品在来自80多个国家的数千份参赛作品中脱颖而出,办公室空间(Interior Design-Office and Service center)类别中荣获铜奖(Bronze)。作品以 “可持续性、环保”为核心理念,采用参数化设计、参数化加工的方法,以Q235B铁板为主材,通过激光切割完成部件加工,将施工精度控制在±2mm。整个空间由2957个零件组成,无需油漆,无需焊接。利用金属板榫卯结构与螺丝,由设计师们亲自动手完成,就像搭建乐高积木一样。

The 15th American International Design Awards IDA recently announced the list of winners. GOODO design stood out from thousands of entries from more than 80 countries with the design work of "GOODO design Office". -Bronze in the Office and Service center category. The work takes "sustainability and environmental protection" as the core concept, adopts the method of parametric design and parametric processing, uses Q235B iron plate as the main material, and completes the processing of parts by laser cutting, and the construction accuracy is controlled within ±2mm. The entire space is made up of 2957 parts, no paint, no welding. Using metal plate tenon and tenon structure and screws, the designers do it by themselves, just like building Lego blocks.