{{isCN==='true'?'泡泡椅荣获 2020中国设计红星奖':'RED STAR Design Award Winner 2020'}}

12月9日,2020中国设计红星奖颁奖活动在北京国际财富中心举行。GOODO design 谷岛设计作品-Bubble Chair 泡泡椅,在来自全球范围内5000余家单位超过7000件参赛作品中脱颖而出 ,荣获2020中国设计红星奖,这是GOODO design 谷岛设计荣获的又一项享有国际声誉的本土设计大奖。 泡泡椅就像两个漂浮在空中的气泡,球状的外观看起来非常几何、简洁。上下两个部分的球体通过一个五金轴承进行相连,可以实现产品360°的旋转,增强了产品体验的趣味性。坐面饱满、柔软的圆弧造型,提供了舒适、轻松的人机体验。简洁的几何造型外观,不管放在何种空间,都可以形成一种雕塑感。

On December 9th, the 2020 China Red Star Design Award ceremony was held in Beijing International Fortune Center. The Bubble Chair, a work of GOODO design, stood out from more than 7,000 entries from more than 5,000 companies around the world and won the 2020 China Red Star Design Award. This is another local design award with international reputation that GOODO design has won. The bubble chair is like two bubbles floating in the air. The spherical appearance looks very geometric and simple. The upper and lower spheres are connected by a hardware bearing, which can realize the 360° rotation of the product, which enhances the interest of the product experience. The full and soft arc shape of the sitting surface provides a comfortable and relaxing man-machine experience. The simple geometric appearance can form a sense of sculpture no matter what space it is placed in.