{{isCN==='true'?'他们用2957个零件组装出自己的办公室':'They assembled their own office with 2957 parts'}}


Inspired by traditional architecture and contemporary architecture, we explored a design method about products and space aesthetics, which we call "perceptual geometry". The design rule of "form follows function" emphasizes the coordination and unity of sensibility and reason. "Perceptual geometry" is also an interpretation of this design rule. While satisfying the excellent experience, the work meets the requirements of perceptual thoughts and curves. Integrating with the rational geometric structure in architectural design, it finally constitutes an organism that combines sensibility and rationality, and is manufactured in a parametric way. Computer-aided design, parametric processing, and designer\'s participation in green construction are exactly the "sustainability" design concept that the Tanishima design team adheres to.