Glimmer 荣获2018红点产品设计大奖

2018-07-10 17:49

由 GOODO design studio 谷岛设计团队打造的 Glimmer Table Lamp 斩获2018 Red Dot 德国红点产品设计大奖,这是GOODO design studio 第二次荣获该国际设计奖项。
Glimmer 是一款精致的床头灯,设计灵感来源于设计师儿时的记忆,灯笼是我们这代人儿时的记忆符号,能唤起一代人的情感共鸣,同时也是东方审美中非常经典的元素之一。


GLIMMER 优雅的轮廓强调了景德镇薄胎瓷灯体的优良透光性, 光与瓷之间产生了奇妙的视觉体验,柔和的光线营造出舒适、安静的空间氛围。它配有一根触感极佳的皮质提手,榉木底座与陶瓷灯罩的巧妙结合,形式与功能兼备,是东方审美的现代演绎。

每年,令人向往的大型颁奖典礼隆重举行,颁奖典礼会将获奖者的成就展现在世人的眼前。颁奖盛会每年都会吸引来自设计、媒体和商业界数以百计的宾客云集, 成为设计界日历上的亮点。

Red Dot Design Award Winner 2018

2018-07-10 17:49

GLIMMER Table Lamp, created by GOODO Design Studio, won 2018 Red Dot Award: Product Design. This was the second time for GOODO Design Studio to win this international design award.
GLIMMER is an exquisite bedside lamp, inspired by the childhood memory of the designer. Lantern is a symbol in the childhood memory of our generation and can arouse our emotional resonance. Moreover, lantern is a classic element in the oriental aesthetics.

GLIMMER's lampshade is made of porcelain which is a traditional Chinese material, as gentle as a jade. However, average porcelain cannot meet the process requirements of this lamp. Finally, the designer chose eggshell porcelain from Jingdezhen, the captial of porcelain. The perfect effect now is derived from a lot of tests on material strength and illumination effect and several failures.

GLIMMER's elegant silhouette demonstrates the excellent transmission of light of the lampshade made of eggshell porcelain from Jingdezhen. Light and porcelain offer fantastic visual experience. Its soft light creates a cozy and quiet atmosphere. And the leather handle with superb hand feeling, the beech base, and the porcelain lampshade are perfectly combined to possess both form and function. This lamp best interprets modern oriental aesthetics.

Since its inception in 1955, the Red Dot Award has become one of the world's most significant design awards, recognizing achievements in various fields like automobile, architecture, home appliance, electronics, fashion, life science, and medicine. Known as the "Oscar" in design, it attracts more than 10,000 works from over 60 countries and regions each year.
The fascinating and grand award ceremony held every year fascinates the world with winners' achievements. This bright spot on the calendar of design attracts hundreds of guests from design, media, and business circles.