Hurricane Dining Table荣获2017金点奖

2017-09-20 09:35

刚刚结束的第二十三届中国国际家具展览会,GOODO design studio 携手艾宝家具推出2017全新家具品牌NOW & FUTURE 现在·未来,以“原创、品质、舒适、自然环保、智能”为品牌核心理念。基于本土,立足国际视野,融合多元化元素,倾力打造创新与品质兼备的创意家居品牌。透过产品可以感受到当代年轻人积极前瞻的生活态度,简约环保的乐活品位。其中感性几何、参数化设计的设计方法论得到了广大观众的认可。Tornado Dining Table(龙卷风餐桌)赢得“金点奖”国际设计界大腕评委组的一致认可,荣获中国家具设计“2017金点奖单品奖”!中国家具行业极具影响力大奖——金点奖自2014年创立以来,获得了众多品牌及设计师的关注,获得了业界良好声誉。


Hurricane won at the 2017 Gold Idea Design Award

2017-09-20 09:35

At the 23rd China International Furniture Expo, GOODO Design Studio collaborated with EXPOCASA to have successfully launched a new brand NOW & FUTURE which illustrates the brand’s core concept which is “original, quality, comfort, environmentally friendly and intelligent”. NOW & FUTURE stands to aim at the international horizon however combines multi-elements into developing creative home furniture brand that boasts innovation and quality. The proactive attitude toward life plus simple and environmentally friendly optimistic taste from young people have been well exhibited through its products. Mixed with sentimentality and parametric design, the design approach certainly won the recognition by the great number of audiences at the expo. Proudly Tornado Dining Table has earned the unanimous votes among the international design experts, eventually picked up the grand honor of “2017 Gold Idea Design Award – Best Single Unit”. The most influential Gold Idea Design Award was established in 2014 and has attracted the attention of a great number of brands and designers in Chinese furniture industry since then.

On-site of the 2017 Gold Idea Design Award ceremony